lost connection/streaming error

We have a ring doorbell (org model) that will work with no issues for a week or so then will appear to of lost connection when you try to look at live video you get a “streaming error” It appears that there is a change in the signal and it drops out but will not reconnect unless I reset the doorbell, recently it will not stay actively working for more than 24 hours :frowning: The only time it seems to have a have great connection is when it is sitting right next to the router. As soon as it goes back outside the signal is there but much less, seems useless to need the doorbell on the inside :frowning: somewhat pointless to have. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this situation?

Glad you asked @markadog! Wifi and video streaming connection relies upon Wifi speeds and signal strength. Check out our Community post about good vs poor RSSI for tips on improving.

Limiting distance and interferences (appliances, walls, furniture) between your router and Doorbell, should definitely help with functionality. Adding an extender, such as our Chime Pro, is a great way to improve Wifi connection to your Doorbell. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: