Lost camera connection

Ring 2 shows I have WiFi connection but has not shown anything on camera since yesterday. I have charged and relocated and deleted and redownloaded the ring app but to no avail.

Hi @kgb! Are you able to connect to a live view from the Ring app? A successful live view will reinforce that your device is online, and likely means the next best steps are checking motion and notification settings within the Ring app.

If live view does not connect and no events are triggering or recording, please visit the Device Health section for your Doorbell in the Ring app, and attempt to reconnect to network. You can also perform a new setup of this Doorbell in the Ring app to accomplish the same thing. This should result in reconnection and operation. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley.

Doorbell was showing everything as normal on the ring app (ie; internet connection, signal strength etc), but would not show visual on the camera or detect movement.

I went through all the app settings and made adjustments but nothing came of it. You suggested I reconnect to the internet but, like I said, this appeared to be ok so I disconnected, reconnected and after a while, this seems to have done the trick.

Thanks for the advice.


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