Loss of power or Wifi

What if the power is cut and wifi is down. Does ring security panel and sensors go out? And do the 24/7 pro monitors receive notice that power is out, and reach out to homeowner to make sure everything is ok?

Hey @Mbrathwaite. The Ring Alarm’s Base Station has a 24 hour battery backup and cellular backup (cellular backup only active with a Ring Protect Plus Plan). Since the Base Station always has to be plugged in, the battery is always charged and ready to last for that 24 hour battery backup time frame if your power goes out. As long as your power isn’t out for more than 24 hours, you should be fine!

In addition, all sensors and Ring Alarm devices should stay connected during this “downtime.” This is because the devices are connected to your Base Station via the Z-Wave network that the Base Station created. As long as your Base Station is online, since most of the Alarm devices are battery powered, they should stay on as long as they do not have any loss of signal as well. Please note that an Alarm Device like the Range Extender, which has to be plugged in 24/7, may fall offline during this time. This could result in other devices that needed the Range Extender to stay online to then fall offline. This is a rare case, but just wanted you to know all possibilities!

Now, if your power is going off, the most common thing to also go out if your home wifi network. This is where the cellular backup is critical to have, which thus requires that Plus Plan. You will need the cellular backup to keep your Ring Alarm online and communicating to your app/our monitoring station. If your power goes out and you do not have cellular backup, your Base Station can fall offline as it has no connection to the internet if your router is out.

If you have the Plus Plan, this also means that you have professional monitoring offered with it, which you can choose to enable or stay in Self monitoring. If you are in Professional monitoring, our monitoring center will reach out to you whenever your alarm goes off and is alarming. They will not contact you with a loss of power, or if the Base Station is in battery backup/cellular backup. All devices will continue to work as expected, so it should not raise any concern for you!

You can still arm and disarm your system, so if you’re armed and a sensor is tripped, even in cellular and/or battery backup, it will still send out a signal to our Central Monitoring Station, which will then call out to you and your emergency contacts in the order they are in to ensure everything is ok. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

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