Looking for new scheduling feature

Why can’t I schedule motion detection. I only want to receive motion detections and recordings at night. Turn off notifications still records and uses battery. Other cameras let you schedule when you want to record Ring should also put that in the scheduling feature.

Hi @user19194. I would suggest taking a look at our Modes Feature! This enables you to control how your devices behave based on what Mode they are in. I hope this is helpful!

Obviously you missed the word scheduling, let’s try another answer I want to schedule Modes !

Hi @user19194. The Modes Scheduling feature is available for the Ring Alarm system at this time. I addressed your question in your other post here, where I linked out to the appropriate feature request. For any neighbors interested in scheduling Modes for their Doorbells and Cameras, you can add your feedback to this feature request, as we use the Feature Request board to gather and share your feedback with our teams here.