Login/verify issue?

I came home to find my ring doorbell not working, tried to sign into my ring app and it wouldn’t load the ring doorbell history or live view, tried multiple times with no luck (wifi was fully functional and mobile signal was strong)

I got a bunch of different issues mainly to do with connection, so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled after restarting my phone. Now I can’t get past the 2 step verification on the initial login screen after the install. I input the code that I get sent to my phone, but it says error, and when I resend a new code it says the same thing.

I managed to get logged in 3 times, but each time I setup the doorbell it tells me it can’t find my location. I’ve accepted permission for the app to always be allowed in location settings, and I’ve tried on both WiFi and mobile data (4g AND 5g…)
Still the same issue, can’t find location.

At this point I’m thinking of doing a hard reset of the doorbell, but if I can’t even log into the ring app itself then what is the point?

Anyone else had this issue after the doorbell stopped working randomly?

I did update my payment details for the ring subscription about 3 hours ago, but it was working fine after that until I got home 2 hours later.

At this point I’m unsure whether it is an issue with the doorbell itself (as I can’t even access the app at all to reinstall the doorbell) or if it’s maybe a temporary server issue with ring?

I live in a busy built up area and I think the uk support is closed for tonight, but I would ideally like the added security tonight for my property…

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Exactly the same with me trying to set up my replacement door bell, deleted the app and now can’t log back in so it must be a problem their end

The same problem here. Trying to call support for over an hour.

Same problem. Took forvever to find a number and now no one picks up and it disconnects me saying it’s not a valid number. App is unable to sign in and can’t get past two factor on any site or device

Somebody please update here if you find out what’s going on.

Anyone can check Ring’s status at any time by going here
Ring.com Status

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I’m having exactly the same problem

Did you try clicking on the link in the big red banner across the top or the link in the message right above yours?

Yeah I saw. In my defense that red banner wasn’t there before lol

Just a bit frustrated is all. My doorbell disappeared so after half hour of troubleshooting and calling the broken support numbers I deleted the app and now can’t sign back in lol it was like perfect timing in a bad way :rofl:

I charged my ring doorbell last night and put it back outside and when I went to see my live it didn’t show up or give me any notifications when there is motion near by.

The motion detection isn’t working on any of my devices and when deleted my ring app and reinstalled it to see if that was the problem it told me that logging in was unavailable for me and when they sent my verification code it told me it was wrong multiple times even tho it was sent to my phone number.

is anyone having this issue and did anyone figure it out?

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Hi neighbors! Like @SolarEclipse mentioned, you can check the status for Ring on our status page here. As of Dec 7, 15:56 UTC our teams have identified an issue that may cause failures throughout the app such as settings changes not saving and live videos (dings, motions, live views) to fail to connect. This issue may also cause login failures on all platforms including Ring.com.

Customer Support phone and chat systems are also affected. Neighbors may have difficulties getting in touch with our support team. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

As of Dec 7, 18:57 UTC technical teams have identified a root cause and continue to work on resolution. Some services have started to experience partial recovery. You may still see some of these concerns appear, so we appreciate your patience as our teams work to resolve this.

Yes i am experiencing this issue now and its very frustrating because I would like to see my ring videos.