Lockdoor when set home or away

When you set your alarm in HOME or AWAY mode the system should be able to lock the doors (z-wave) to be able the house is safe for those modes

If you want to make an actual product suggestion, go here (Feature Request Board - Ring Community). Search first to see if someone else has already posted your suggestion and vote on it. If not, create your own.
If it garners enough votes Ring might (big might) consider it.

Hi @Heldermolina. Currently you can arm or disarm your Ring Alarm with your smart lock, but you cannot have the smart lock automatically lock or unlock based on the Mode the Ring Alarm is in. Other neighbors have requested this feature on our Feature Request board. I’d recommend clicking the request below to add your feedback and vote, as the Feature Request board is the best way for us to gather and share your feedback with our team.