Livestream isn't working on 4G on Iphone Xs

Livestream indoor camera isn’t working on 4G on Iphone Xs. On WiFi it’s OK. On Iphone 7 it’s working OK on 4G and WiFi. Both Iphones have the same internet service provider. Contacted Apple, Ring, Norton and ISP with no result. Any idea?

There have been a few reports in these forums of issues with Live View in the apps. I’ve now seen a report of someone’s working now that wasn’t before.
My guess is there were server-side issues and this may fix itself eventually.
You can of course try the usual things such as uninstall/reinstall the Ring App, do a reset of the camera and re-add, etc.
If you search you can find the other threads that discuss this issue for other possibilities if you don’t want to wait and see if it “fixes itself.”

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