Live View will work -- 60 seconds late -- stuck on Activating Device

I have a Ring Doorbell Pro 2. It is connected to a wi-fi extender. I will get notification on my iPhone that there is motion at the door. When I go to live view, it will show me what is happening (albeit after a 20 second delay). If I go back to live view 60 seconds later, I get stuck at ACTIVATING DEVICE. Nothing has changed in the 60 seconds.

Need some help. Signal Strength RSSI-52

Thanks in advance

Hey @RBaterman. After you end a Live View call, the video will need finish recording, process and then upload to the cloud so you can see it in your event history. This may cause the Live View to not be available right after you just ended a Live View, but it shouldn’t happen every time if you’ve given the device a minute or two to finish up. Could you try the Rapid Ring app, and see if this seems to pose the same concern? The Rapid Ring app is an app we made for Doorbells and Cams so you can quickly answer any Live View notification, or pull up the Live View quickly. If you can, give this a try and see if it helps! :slight_smile:

Rapid Ring works remarkably well. At most, there is a 5 second delay before the Live Video shows.

So, does this mean that there is a problem with the RING app?


but it looks like I spoke to soon. The problem is still present with Rapid Ring.

I now get the error “We couldn’t open Live View…connection is too weak”

The doorbell is located 10 feet away from my network. I have a Netgear ORBI RBR50 and 1 satellite (RBS50). Under DEVICE HEALTH the Signal Strength is -45. The doorbell connecsts to the RBS50 on 2.4GHz but shows a very weak signal strength on the Netgear app. I disconnect the RBS50 and the doorbell connected to the RBR50 with a very strong signal. However, I cannot get video through the RING app or the RAPID RING app.

Is there a probelm with the doorbell?

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@RBaterman Thanks for getting back to me! You will see improved performance when it comes to load times on your Ring Video Doorbell with the Rapid Ring app, as the app is just for Live Viewing. Think of it like the specialist at a job that is really good at one thing, so they make them do that only one thing. In the main Ring app, when you load it, the background app data is loading as well, and since there is more to do from the main Ring app, it could be loading those properties, making the Live View lag to load. That’s why we made the Rapid Ring, to ensure neighbors can get to their Live View as fast as possible.

When it comes to why your device will not load the Live View, it could be due to your internet speeds or the RSSI. While your RSSI is in an acceptable area, there could be interference that is causing this delay. Could you read this article and let me know if anything in here helps, or pinpoints what could be causing this? In addition, please do a speed test me from Please ensure you do this from your mobile phone, by the Doorbell install and with cellular data disconnected, just connected to your home wifi network. Preferably, connect to the same network that the Doorbell is connected to. Hope to hear back from you soon! :slight_smile:


My download speed is 35.41 Mbps, Upload is 4.63Mbps and the Ping is 37ms.

This was with cellular data off and on my iPhone. The RSSI for the doorbell is -43.

I have two doorbells on my app. One is at my house, the other at my in-laws (about 10 miles away). I never have a problem loading his video when I get a notification. My doorbell is always hit and miss. Sometimes it will show the Live Video, other times it stays on Activating Device (Waiting for Video from Rapid Ring).

There was no link to the article that you mentioned. I have read a number of posts here and nothing seems to work. Could it be a defective doorbell?

Thanks in advance

Hi, RBaterman,

it’s interesting to hear about your experience with two different doorbells at two locations. The fact that one of them work and the other doesn’t would suggest either that is a local wifi issue or a faulty unit.

are you bale to test with the doorbell next to your main wifi point (router). This will help to prove the end-2-end solution at that address in an optimum position. If everything works then any issue is due to local conditions.if it doesn’t work then it narrows things down slightly.

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@RBaterman My apologizes! It looks like my link broke. It is this article here (and I went into the previous post and fixed the link as well). The speeds that you have are of a good result, so I think @Murray is on the right track here, and I would like to address the upload speed from your test. I highly suggest we give Murray’s idea a try, and see if you still see a hit or miss kind of Live View on your Doorbell when you are in your home. When testing the Live View, please ensure you have a few minutes in between activating of the Live View, or testing of events. Trying to force the Doorbell to work back to back like that may cause concerns, as this is not “normal” activity for the Doorbell. Let us know what you find from your tests!

In addition, I would like to still bring up your upload speed. Since our devices need 2 Mbps download and upload for recommendation and ideal usage, this means that your Doorbell is using half of your upload speed, at most times. Think of your speeds like a pizza (sorry if this seems silly, just the best way to describe it), and for this pizza, the Doorbell needs to have half of the pizza to work. This is assuming that everything else in your home needs half, or less than half. Utilizing all of your upload speed on your home wifi network at a time can bog down the overall speed/fastness of the things using it, and at times, other items in the home may take priority, leaving the Doorbell asking for upload speed when it comes to the Live View time, or having to slowly be used and then pulling up your Live View. In all, you should be ok with that 4 upload speed, as you find times that the Live View works without a hiccup. If you find that the device is preforming well next to the router, than you can see if there is any interference of too much distance between, causing the delay in giving the device the upload speed it needs too.

Excited to hear back about how the test goes and what you find from it! :slight_smile:


The only way I would be able to get the doorbell close to the main router is disconnect it from the way and bring it to the unit. That is definitely possible. However, I do not appear to have any problems with other devices atttached to the satellite. There is not a lot of activity on your network. No kids, no video games, no streaming. When I have tested the doorbell, it has been just me on the network.

As I mentioned, I have no problems getting to another doorbell that is located almost 10 miles away. If I use the Rapid Ring app, the delay in connecting to it is less than 5 seconds. I really doubt that it has anything to do with my network.

However, if you think disconnnecting the doorbell putting it next to the main router is a good test, I will do that.


My Ring Doorbell 3 experiences a FATAL FLAW in the product design and sofware implementation. DO NOT LET THEM TELL YOU IT’S A WIFI CONNECTION ISSUE.


  • When the Ring Doorbell 3 detects a motion or someone is ringing the bell, those events take priority of recording and processing.

  • It is the processing of the current live event that BLOCKS you from ACTIVATING LIVE VIEW.

  • I can go into the app 100 times and activate live view in less that 3-5 seconds usually. However, the very moment there is “MOTION DETECTED” or “THERE IS A PERSON AT YOUR DOOR” …forget it. The Ring Doorbell 3 product becomes USELESS. The product becomes more interested in recording and processing the event instead of letting YOU DECIDE if it’s more important to VIEW the live event for obvious security reasons.

The reason I am SO UPSET over it is because they continue to mislead people with their ridiculous claims that there is a wifi issue when people complain that they are staring at a “ACTIVATING DEVICE” screen in the app.

I’m also upset because I purchased a device which was marketed not only as allowing me to view HISTORICAL events but to view LIVE EVENTS. This is truly a known issue which RING is failing to disclose.

And NO… using the RAPID RING app does not speed things up. It appears that it is the HARDWARE with the limitation and not the SOFTWARE. Apparently the HARDWARE (the doorbell itself) can only do ONE THING at a time - either RECORDING and PROCESSING the event, OR relinquishing control to the homeowner to VIEW the LIVE EVENT.

The product absolutely, unequivically is incapable of LIVE VIEW at the same time of a MOTION EVENT. I have tested this use case 100 times and it is just not true that the product can do both at the same time.

IN fact, I would guess the RAPID RING app was created not to solve the issue, but hopefully to shorten the block-out time so customers don’t complain. They probably figure that most of the events will be viewed after the fact. BUT WHAT ABOUT A MOTION EVENT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? I HAVE TO WAIT 35-45 SECONDS UNTIL THE DUMB PRODUCT FINISHES PROCESSING THE EVENT?

SOLUTION: For the geniuses at RING, here’s a solution. Provide an OPTION in the software settings that allows the USER REQUEST FOR LIVE VIEW to be of the highest priority.

You can add a disclaimer that “Requesting LIVE VIEW during a motion event will end the recording of the motion event and you will not have the full 20 second history of the event”

How about that? Because that’s really the issue isn’t it? You are trying to finish up the recording of the 20 second motion event and thus BLOCKING the REQUEST for LIVE VIEW.

It’s 100 pct. true what you are doing and you KNOW this.

I have the identical issue, and I also own Orbi rbr10 I believe it is. My doorbell works perfect as far as motion, depressed button etc however the live view is hit and miss, and in al three devices. iPhone, echo show and fire TV. RSSI -38 today as well. For example this afternoon “ echo , show front door”, worked prefect. 5 minutes ago, didn’t work. And this happens on all devices. I spent 90 minutes with second level troubleshooting the other day and she said “ that’s it, that’s all I can tell you”. She was nice and she did try. She then said I should call Orbi, lol. It’s so frustrating buying the echo show, fire tv and it doesn’t operate like it’s supposed to.