Live view will not work

My live view will not work. WiFi is good. I will get alerts that there is motion but I cannot load the video and cannot go to just live view. It’s been like this for 11 days. My other ring camera works fine.

The solution that works for me is to shut off data, live view should function, if necessary to have data, install rapid ring

I have 7 ring devices, 5 cameras, 2 chime pros,(no doorbell) my newest camera is the floodlight Plus, this is the only one that has issues with live view, by shutting off data line, live view is fully functional, this is a firmware or software issue and not a conflict with other apps.
While in live view on this single camera, I can turn on data line, image will instantly freeze, this issue does not occur with the other cameras.

I’m having the same type of issue with all my cameras anytime I’m not using wifi it tries to load and drops my cellular signal for about 2 seconds.