Live View w/o Internet

With a cloud-based system, it’s understandable that Ring functionality isn’t available when internet connection is lost, but it is puzzling why a Live View isn’t still available on devices connected to the local area network.

I’d like the Ring Team to consider developing a security feature that allows this Live View.


I’d like to add to this request the ability to access the camera directly from a web browser.

Sometimes live view is problematic in my home with gig speed internet. But in my mountain house with the slowest DSL you can imagine, live view is absolutely impossible and tends to hang the ring app on my iphone.

My previoius cameras up on the mountain managed extremely well. My logitech camera let me access the live view from “”. I could even hear the voices of people. two-way talking was not an option.

I had two older Panasonic cameras that had a web address tied to each camera through ip_ddns (dynamic DNS assignments) such as The setup at the router in the house included a port assignment (80 for one and 81 for the other) that was used in conjunction with other parameters to enable the fairly simple web address. I was using this from 2012 - 2020. Never any problem getting to the cameras over that very slow DSL line. was the website used to register those cameras.

Thanks for listening. I just wanted to give examples of other products that are able to access live view from a web browser.

I to would also like to have he ability to view the cameras via ip address on the local network instead of having to rely on an internet connection for the cameras to operate. If the internet goes out the cameras should still be available locally, has ring considered something along the lines of a local dvr device that can record the feeds from cameras when the internet is down and then upload the data once connection is restored?

It makes sense that if you’re on the same network as the camera the app should view the feed over the LAN rather than the internet. This saves bandwidth and increases performance by decreasing latency.

This relates to another thread I’ve posted on regarding live view on multiple cameras. One of the arguments against live view multi cam I saw on that thread is related to bandwidth. This solves both problems.


I really hope they do
This is very important to me, I often have disconnections on the network,
If it will be possible to use through the local network it would be great,