Live view takes forever when i am outside using data

So I got these two stick-up cam battery variants, and the live view is perfectly fine and quick when I am home when connected to the same wifi as the security cameras, but when I am outside, the live view takes forever to load. Microphone and speaker options can be used and also the siren. In fact, I never even live viewed outside of my house, wifi is perfectly fine and fast, around 500mbps, and my phone is an iPhone 13 which is a 5G phone which should have no problems with speed. Does anyone have the same problem or a solution for this annoying problem?

Likely your 5G phone isn’t as fast as you think it is when you are standing outside your home not connected to your WiFi or you might be using a VPN.
How is the speed when you are in a location with a strong 5G or LTE signal?

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Around 100Mbps
LTE i never tested

Then that’s likely it. You cell connection at your house isn’t as strong as it could be as you have high speeds away from your house. Likely nothing you can do about it as it is unlikely your cell phone company will fix the issue just for you.