Live view slow/fails to connect

I’m the last few weeks my live view has been acting up. Recording, playback, alerts, snapshots all work. When I click live it either is super slow or throws an error. My flood cam works fine and connects quickly. I have reset everything and my current RSSI is -59 same as my other device. My upload and download speed has not changed router rebooted firmware current etc.

What should I try next? Chat tech support isn’t available to reach out to.

Hey @DC12, happy to offer some suggestions here. If you haven’t already, please check out our Community post on Live View concerns here. The tips and tricks in this post can help you narrow down and pinpoint what is causing this. It could be due to the RSSI, which you can learn more about in this Community post here. We typically suggest for the RSSI to be closer to -40, as this will ensure the Ring is receiving a strong signal with minimal interference. Let me know if those resources are helpful! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, I moved my access point and rebooted my system again. Now my doorbell is at -39 it’s connecting but the video is still jittery and jumps during the recording. The quality of the live view picture and recording just doesn’t seem like it used to be and I never had to mess with my network so much. My firmware is current and wonder if my version changed recently? Anyway I can check that?

Here is an example I just got a bell notification attempted to answer it and live view never loaded. The quality of the recording speaks for itself.

RSSI -40 internet download 200 and upload 12 mb. I am home on the same WiFi network getting good speeds on my phone next to the bell and where I was when I attempted to answer the door. My driveway floodlight works perfect at the same time it seems to be isolated to the doorbell for some reason.

After messing with this all weekend I somehow decided to Separate my 2.4 and 5 ghz bands and put my doorbell on 2.4, magic all my problems went away!! My AP is literally 6-8 ft away from the unit.

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