Live view only works when on wifi

For the first five months the ring doorbell was great and could click live view from anywhere. Now, no matter where i am i can only view it when connect to my homw wifi. Reps have told me its a week connection so i got a new router and placed a wifi extender 5 ft from the front door. Rssi is perfect at -42. Latest rep tells me its my mobile data which is not true because i have unlimited and never had this issue until a month ago. Many have said to download rapid ring app and thst does not work either. At this point the doorbell is pretty much usless and can’t seem to get anywhere with cuayomer service. Help!!!

Hi @Sobczynd. Has anything changed with your phone’s data plan, any security settings? Since the Live View works when you’re on wifi, this means the Doorbell itself has a good connection and is working properly. If you have any VPNs, make sure those are disabled as those can impact your ability to use the Ring App and access the Live View.

Nothing has changed and actually today it stopped working on wifi. Im out of options at this point and everytime i called thw person tells me they will research and get back to me and nobody ever does. I dont understand how it can work completely fine for five months on and off wifi and then all of a sudden, nothing