Live View on Laptop

How do I get a live view on my laptop? I log in and it only allows me to see activity, not a live view. I have a mac book opro

Hey @JeffreyH. You will need to make sure that you do not have the Mode enabled for you to be in disarm mode + Live View disabled. You can view these settings in your mobile Ring app under the Main Menu > Settings > Modes. Please make sure you’re enabling yourself to see the Live View when in a certain mode. Since the Mac and Windows app do not support Modes and Ring Alarm at this time, you will be unable to toggle in between Modes on the Windows/Mac app, and will have to do it on your phone. Otherwise, once you allow for Live View to be enabled, you’ll see a button at the top right of the device, after click on said device, in the Mac app. It will look like how I attached a screenshot. Hope this helps!

I need help with my laptop and windows 10. I don’t see an option for live view when I’m logged in on my laptop.

Hi @Louavulcardinal. What version of the App are you running on your laptop? If it is outdated, you might have limited functionality. If possible, provide a screen shot of what options you have so the Community can help you navigate to the Live View.