Live View not working

My live view suddenly stopped working today in the app for both my devices (spotlight cam and stick-up). Wi-fi and router are fine. Health on both devices is fine. The live view works on my husband’s phone (Galaxy S10). My phone is a Galaxy Note 10-5G.

The thumbnails in the app update and I can view the videos, just not live view. When I try to open the live view, I get a half blue circle that freezes on the screen where the live view would be (but it’s black now) and occasionally, I get an error message that the app isn’t responding. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app (three times - once I restarted after uninstalling).

Is there anything else I can try?

Hey @AbbeyB! It sounds like you’ve covered all the best troubleshooting steps for this, thank you for these details. As one of the Samsung phones operates as intended, the best next steps would be to explore differences on your mobile device.

Testing video on wifi only, and then on data only, will confirm which connection is best for your phone. Some other things to try are:

  • Disabling Bluetooth, VPN, Hotspots.
  • Closing other apps in the background.
  • Ensuring the data plan on your device allows for video streaming.
  • Removing or disabling any security, booster, or cleaner apps that might interfere.
  • Checking for any phone updates.

Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hello Marley!

I called Ring Community Support and the rep had me reset my network connection, which fixed whatever issue the app was having on my phone.

I wanted to circle back with the issue in case anyone else has the same problem.

Thank you!!!


P.S. You have EXCELLENT phone support, BTW.

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I have the same problem but the solution did not fix the problem. Live view stopped working yesterday. I tried a different network (2.4 vs 5G) but neither works. When I go to live view, I get a half blue circle that locks up my phone. No live view. I tried it over the cell network with the same result.

I don’t know what is meant when Marley says the help desk helped her “reset her network”. My live view is still not working.


You’re right, my issue is back. I guess I’m going to have to call support again.

If you find a solution, would you mind circling back to let me know?

Thanks so much!

@AbbyB @sbsidaho

Yes I certainly will. And would love it if you would do the same.

Disabeling bluetooth allows live view to be visible. As soon as bluetooth is back on, live view doesn’t work. I recently had a Samsung update, so this may be related. I’ve never had the problem before, but it is exactly as you described in your first post. This doesn’t seem a great permanent solution, since my bluetooth is always on, but it disabling it, does allow live view on my Samsung Note 10+.


Wow. Yeah, that worked for me too. Thanks for that workaround. There’s also an app called Rapid Ring that the most recent rep had me download and use. It’s just basically Live View in a different app.

I did the Speedtest on the Note and the download speeds were MISERABLE (below 10 Mbps), so there must be something with the new update that screws up download with Bluetooth on.

Thanks for your update. Hopefully, there will be an update from Samsung soon to fix this issue.

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This just started happening to me just received a update yesterday from Verizon for my Samsung Note Plus 10 5G this is not acceptable to have to turn bluetooth on and off to see my live view I have a Samsung watch and is bluetooth connect all the time and should not have to turn off bluetooth to get live video to work ring needs to get this fixed or moving to nest or Google

And thanks to you for the tip on Rapid Ring. I downloaded that app and it works! Which although not ideal to have to use two apps, at least a workaround. Since this all seems related to the Samsung update we all downloaded, I hope someone in the Samsung or Ring world will clear it up, sooner rather than later.

thanks for the tip…a little improvement at a time I guess is still progress…

I agree. I have a Samsung watch also – specifically so it will align well with the Samsung phone, so my bluetooth is also always on. Turning it off before you answer a ringing doorbell doesnt seem very practical or usable. I hope someone in the Samsung/Ring space is watching and will fix that bug.


+1 here, Samsung S10+ on Xfinity (which is essentially Verizon) and just a week or so ago exact same thing, half blue circle and frozen phone. Thanks for the tip, turning off bluetooth gave me a workaround.

I am having the same issue, and I am also on a Samsung Note 10+. I reinstalled the app, no hotspots, wifi networks, VPNs, or NFC devices are connected to the phone.

After reading through everything, all is confirmed. The live view works with the BlueTooth disabled, and I have downloaded Rapid Ring to try.

I appreciate the workaround for the time being. Hopefully, there will be a fix soon.


I have the same problem since I updated my Samsung Note 10+ to Android 10 / One UI 2.0.

Uninstalled the app, rebooted the phone and installed the app - didn’t work.

Live View for the same account and devices is working on an iPhone.

As soon I deactivate Bluetooth on my Android device, the Live View works.

Waiting for a new Ring app for Android 10.


Has there been any progress made with this issue yet?


Other than deactivating Bluetooth or using the separate Rapid Ring app, no. There are other users in the thread with the same issue. It seems to have gone wonky after the latest Android update for Samsung. Regardless, it’s kind of a hassle to turn off Bluetooth just to look at Live View.

I just finished chatting with someone about this very problem, and at least with my camera it seems like I was attempting to connect it with a 5g wifi connection, and he tells me that it has to connect with a 2.4g connection.

I think it has nothing to do with the router or 5g or 2.4g.

We have the same WiFi modem for a long time. On both Ring devices the Live View worked fine till the Android 10 update.

My wife has an iPhone, if she is starting the Live view at the same time from the same location, it works.The cam would connect the same way to the WiFi modem and I think Bluetooth on or off on my Samsung phone is not changing the way the cam is connection (5g or 2.4g)

I think the problem is with the current version of the Ring app and Android 10.

I have the problem with both Ring app’s (Ring - Always Home and Rapid Ring)

When I was on the phone with the rep, 2.4 g wasn’t working either. Nothing works as long as Bluetooth is on.

I’m trying to connect it with an iphone XR…so, maybe it’s not just an android issue???