Live view not working over cellular data


I have recently changed phones (Samsung S10 to S21) and since the change i can no longer open the live view feature on any of my Ring devices. Everything works 100% as it should when i am connected to WIFI, so i know that my connections in the house are ok.

i have also checked my signal strength on the cellular data and it is more than ok.

I have uninstalled and re-downloaded the app, i have tried as many settings as i can find in the ring app and in the phone settings and still arent having any luck.

I know/hope that this is going to be a simple setting adjustment, i just dont know which one it is!

any help would be very much appriciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @AndyBGSi. If the Live View is working fine on wifi and you’re only experiencing this concern when you’re using cellular data, you might need to adjust a setting in your phone’s settings regarding the cellular data. I would also recommend contacting your cell phone provider as they can make sure that your cellular data plan isn’t blocking access to any specific apps or features.