Live view not working on stick up cams 3rd gen though works for doorbell

I’m having the same issue. Ring doorbell shows live view with no problem. Signal strength on the doorbell is less than the 2 stick up cams. I have a mesh network and a router. I tried connecting the cams to both. It shows live view once, then never again. Spoke with someone at ring. Tried EVERYTHING. They are fully charged and hooked up to solar panels. Rep said it makes no sense why my doorbell had a live view with weaker signal, but the cams won’t produce live view. Was told my issue was escalated and I would be contacted in 1-2 days. It’s now 11 days later and nothing. No response to emails either. It’s obvious that this is a problem and Ring is aware of it, yet not resolving it. Unfortunately, I’ll be returning mine and going with a more reputable, reliable cam.

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Piling on but also trying to move this forward. Would appreciate it, Ring Community Manager, if someone from engineering could make a guest appearance and discuss a little of what could be going on. Best to admit a problem and work all together to try to solve. I’d volunteer to try out whatever I can help with test-wise.

My setup - ring alarm system, 3rd gen stickup cam, ORBI wifi, Fios, many things on network including nest cams, nest doorbell, sonos, appleTVs, -ALL- work flawlessly on demand. Except Ring Stick up cam gen 3 live view.


Cannot start live view

RSSI -43

Firmware 1.4.15200

Battery 98%

Last Health Check - 1:23pm today (currently it is 1:58pm EST)

I suspect it will come back later on. So far, I cannot determine a pattern of when it does and doesn’t work.

Will update when I try a few different things on my end, but again would love some engineering help.

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I just had this problem with my battery powered spotlight can. I disconnected it from the WiFi and then went in and reconnected it. When reconnecting it said it downloaded an update to the firmware and now it works…so far.

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Wish I had found this thread earlier as I’ve spent a frustrating week trying everything to troubleshoot my brand new Stick Up plug in.

Live view almost never worked, only occasionally after power reset. Recording was 50% reliable at best.

Have a Spotlight camera which has worked perfectly for over a year so obviously not a WiFi issue etc and I know the Ring products and way of working.

Anyway, managed to return the stick up and got another Spotlight, and it just works like you expect it to. Not that Ring earned the upgrade but obviously worth the extra cash for me.

It seems to me like a clear model or, best case, firmware issue.

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I think I understand why they call the “stick up” cams. From the old days when the bank robbers would say “This is a stick up”. This is robbery. My Stick-up camera two pack arrived yesterday and I successfully installed both this morning. Everything appears great, both have great connectivity, both were obviously updated with the latest firmware. Both are pieces of crap because they don’t do what they are supposed to do, which is live stream video to my phone. I don’t even know where to start after reading their BS response and “solution”. I am not going to call into to talk to someone that asks me if the battery has a charge or if my wifi is online or other idiotic questions. There is a problem with your product!! What are you going to do about it?


Same problem here, this is a mess.

Everything is up to date. All my other cams are proprely working (ring bell and spotlight).

This is defintly linked to a firmware. My cam worked properly before !

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Hi all

Same problem here

Two brand new cameras, internet is strong and working fine on doorbell and chime.

Both my stick up batteries will not load live view or detect any kind of motion. Reset them multiple times and my app and software is up to date. Not sure where to go from here and need to get them working as 2 people in the road have had cars stolen in the past fortnight.

Any help or solutions would be appreciated!

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Is it to muc to ask to have an official answer here?
The topic is marked as solved. It is clearly Not Solved!


This has happened to me for first time. Have a Ring Doorbell always working and is live right now. But the last 3 days nothing happening on my Ring Battery Stick up cam. Had the Stick up cam for 2 months and working everyday and now not working. No motion updates and live not connecting. Tried all the troubleshooting even moved the cam right next to my fibre based router and nothing. My free 1 month for my cam ends tomorrow so I won’t purchase the money subscription until it’s sorted. Seems this has been going on for a month and Ring doing nothing? Unless they’re looking into it. I keep an eye if not I will go over to NEST as I can’t afford to pay for something that doesn’t work.

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Same issue as everyone else. Also an IT professional.

Everything up to date.
All aspects of the system has a strong connection
Other devices work flawlessly
Motion on stickup works perfectly
Live view on stickup is a flip of a coin if it actually wants to connect or not.

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To BradByname and all others having the same problem - can you confirm if you are using a mesh type setup like Orbi or Eero?

I had the problem with an Orbi setup - and then moved the cam wifi to be directly attached to the Fios router’s wifi instead (left everything else on Orbi including the rest of the ring alarm system). Despite a much weaker signal from the fios router in the basement, the live view problem has disappeared. Keep in mind the Orbi network runs everything else very fast and flawlessly.

I am going to try switching the 3rd gen sitck up cam back to the Orbi network and see what happens. Will post update in a day or two, or when if I see the problem come back once switched.


I am not using a mesh network. The camera is directly paired to the router

So, I just walked around the back of the house to check the stickup cam, and no notification was received. To add insult to injury, I then tried live view and it worked. So on this occasion live view worked, despite not notifying that motion had been detected.

This product is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. I wish I didn’t buy it.

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anyone find a solution

its been over a month and i haven’t been able to use my ring for live view, wasted my free month sub all recordings were black after the first few days when the firmware updated.

Now i am getting a Still Loading live view… Phone connection is very weak before live view ended.

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new camera set up today and live view not working. Uninstalled and set up again, still not working. Think it might very well be going back

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I’m having the same problem, I just purchased and installed 4 stick up cam’s (wired) all connect to a TP Link M4 mesh router and the live view doesn’t work (If I restart the unit it works for a couple of hours and then nothing ( when I restart / reinstall the unit it works for a couple of hours and then nothing). I checked the settings and all the devices average RSSI range between 44 to 45. I even moved the router a couple of feet away from each unit and the problem still happens.

I also have the flood light cameras and doorbells and they were perfect no issues at all with the same router.
I guess I’m gonna have to take them down and send them back. Not a happy customer!

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Hey neighbors! Thank you for chiming in if you seem to have this concern, but please ensure that we are preforming all possible troubleshooting. When it comes to the Live View not connecting/working on the Stick Up Cam 3rd Gen, or any of the cameras, it may not work on one device while it works on another. This could be isolated quickly and directly with our support team here to determine if this is a device issue or a network issue. To see if you can nail this yourself, see below!

Some neighbors have found relief to this concern by doing the following to their network:

  • Switching networks for the device, whether this is from 2.4 Ghz to 5.0 Ghz (if possible for device/network to connect to)
  • Switching from connection to a router to a mesh system/Chime Pro/extenders and vice versa
  • Rebooting your router, ensuring that all ports and protocols are opened for the Ring devices
  • Ensuring you have proper speeds. Lots of neighbors during this time have noticed slower speeds because of the current conditions and changes to at home life
  • Disabling any VPNs

Some neighbors have found relief in this concern by doing the following to their Ring device:

  • Completely reset the device by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds
  • Removing the device (after saving any recordings you may need) and then re-setting the device up
  • Testing Live View with device next to the router
  • Ensuring device is fully charged
  • Looking at Device Health and confirming RSSI is in acceptable range

Some neighbors have found relief in this concern by doing the following to their app:

  • Disabling VPNs on the phone
  • Removing the app, rebooting phone, reinstalling the Ring app
  • Trying the Rapid Ring app
  • Connecting to the app on wifi or mobile data only (testing whichever connection is not your normal)
  • Updating app/OS software on phone

If you’ve covered all of these to no avail, or would like that immediate assistance, our support team can also assist with more in-depth video connection troubleshooting.

I’m the originator of this post. I’ve been staying home for the last 6(?) weeks like much of the world so I haven’t really tried live view much lately. Yesterday I decided I was going to try some additional network settings but before I tried anything I checked and live view works for the doorbell and cameras and it has for the last two days. I’ll see if it holds.


Hello OP, hello admins, I have tried to set up a new set of cameras at my dad’s and I am facing the same issue of disconnection and inconsistency in the liveview. Both networks are using a wifi mesh system (tp link deco E4. To be precise)… I might have found a common problem concerning my issues…

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Agree. I have had this issue since the beginning. Went through all the steps with customer service. Still have difficulty with live view. Router is close to ring doorbell. Still nothing.

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