Live View not working on indoor cam and doorbell pro

I have two Ring Indoor Cameras and a Ring Doorbell Pro. Live View is not working on any of them at the moment. Two days ago, I installed a Linksys Velop wifi system in bridge mode to my Linksys 9500 router. Live view was working just fine after the install. Then, one camera in the house dropped off yesterday with Live View. Then, the doorbell went a couple hours later while I was trouble shooting the indoor camera last night. Then, this morning Live View on the indoor camera in my office in a detached garage stopped working too.

I have tried reinstalling the cameras and doorbell. I have also tried using different wifi networks since I have 2.4 and 5.0 from the router and then mesh wifi from the Velop system. That has not done the trick either. I uninstalled the Ring app and reinstalled it, and that did not help either. I have checked the wifi signal at each camera and it is plenty fast enough. Initially, I only had the office camera on the mesh wifi, but since the problem started with the kitchen camera I put all the cameras on the mesh wifi and that has not helped. One by one, the problem spread to the other two cameras like a virus.

Device Health shows the following for RSSI:

Ring Doorbell Pro -60

Indoor Camera Kitchen -18

Indoor Camera Office/detached garage -30

When I press “Live View” on my phone, the app tries to connect, but it never does. It comes back with Live View Ended/Reconnect. However, the blue light on the camera comes on and it actually records. Once I get Live View Ended, I can go back and look at what the camera recorded during that Live View session. It just does not push the feed to my phone in real time. My wife is having the exact same problem with the feed on her phone.

The cameras had been working fine before the install of the mesh wifi Velop system with the exception of the camera in the garage going from a low signal to no signal at all. The main reason for the mesh wifi Velop system install was to get a wifi feed to the camera in the office in the detached garage.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Update: Live View works when I am not on wifi. Went and checked the cameras while away from the house and they worked fine. Came home and they were no longer working with my phone on wifi. Turned off wifi on my phone and Live View works fine once again while I am in the house. Live View is working for my wife now that she is 8 miles away from the house at work and not on wifi.

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How did you hook up your Velop as a bridge mode ?

I’m having the same problem, but only on one of my indoor cams. Live view works fine on my other indoor cam. I disconnect from wifi, and both camera’s live view work.