Live view not possible after someone rings

I am having an issue with both live view and rings back to back… When someone rings the doorbell I cannot view it immediately. I must wait a few minutes before I can see who is (was) at my door which makes the device useless for real-time answers. Also, if someone rings the doorbell then presses it again within a few seconds to about a minute it will not work. It is as if it needs time to reset itself. I believe it is a software glitch and nothing to do with power or wifi capabilities since it has worked fine for me the last 2 years. Now out of the blue I am having these issues. There are times it even ignores motion when someone is literally walking up to my door it will not capture it. I know family comes and goes into the house but the Ring does not capture it all like it used to. I am going to download the Rapid Ring app and see if that helps with the answering real-time rings issue but still will not help in regards to someone who rings my doorbell then waits for an answer then attempts to ring the doorbell again because it won’t work. And yes I’ve tried resetting, killing the power and checking my wires. I always get a heath report and voltage is always “good”. Note sure what is going on but it is becoming more of an issue than what it’s worth to keep this thing. Perhaps I will have better luck with the Arlo doorbell.