Live View - Not Intuitive in the App

Exiting Live View on the iPad App seems counter-intuitive and I figured it out through trial and error. Online help tells me to press the ‘Exit’ button, but doesn’t illustrate which button is ‘Exit.’ Why not just put a big X on the top of the screen like other apps? There are four buttons on the bottom of the Live View screen. A red phone, a green phone, a speaker button, and a + button. Through trial and error, I learned how these buttons work. I won’t describe that here; I’ll let other users discover my frustration firsthand by trying it themselves. I will give a hint. The red and green phone icons do not make a call. They enable/disable the speaker/microphone functions. So why not use speaker and microphone icons? Pressing the + button adds to the confusion by bringing up four more icons without any help as to their function. Why not have them fixed to the bottom of the screen; there’s plenty of room, and give the users some clue as to what they do?

Hi @DouglasCurtis, thank you for your feedback on this experience! I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate team for you. We are always looking for ways to improve the neighbor experience with the devices and the application, so I appreciate your valued feedback. :slight_smile: