Live View not connecting, motion recording all black

Thanks for posting. I have not had the opportunity to run the tests as suggested but have noticed a slight improvement and have not seen the black screen recently. What’s interesting is that the RSSI can be as high as -67 now but I am still able to connect. Testing the wifi shows good strength and all other tests seem fine. There is stone on the house but not where the doorbell is. Arlo cameras are farther away outside and have never had a connection issue.

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Just bought RIng Doorbell2. Same issues. Just saying activating on the Ring App. Won’t view the live cam on Alexa. Intermittent issue, sometimes it’ll work, but generally doesn’t work with Alexa. So far, not working at all in Ring App (iphone). App is saying that my wifi signal is ok. Health is good on the device. 100% charge.

Wireless is airport extreme. (firm: 7.9.1) My wireless isn’t the issue. I’m way above the 1mb/1mb Ring requires. Any suggestions?

I am having the same issue. Two days ago I just purchased 4 Ring Wireless Stick up cams. I am using 3.21.0 on a Galaxy S9+. I have reset every piece of hardware, the issue is still there.

At this point, with this issue, these cameras are worthless unless the issue can be resolved. Obviously with multiple people having the same issue it’s not anything on my end causing this.

Any help would be appreciated.

@JPugh: see if this helps:

This is happening on two ring pros and the spotlight cam.

They worked perfectly when we got them. Now it’s worthless. Events take up to 5 minutes to show. Doorbell events included. By the time the camera comes up they are gone.
This experience is the same on IOS, Mac, and PC.

Live view just sits there for a minute or more.

I have a top of the line 5G Router with perfect signal where these cameras are installed.

I am cancelling my subscription as there is no value in it now.


Seriously. Every time the company responds to devices not working they respond a bunch of questions never resolving the problem. My advice is to take to Yelp, Facebook, and the internet and let everybody know the ring is worthless and to buy a superior product. I put holes all over my house moving this garbage around, reset, redownloaded, reconnected. Two entire days and it still is worthless and a HUGE waste of my time! Do yourself a favor and trash the ring!

Same problem here, device is totally useless. We had a tragedy this week and had the device been functioning better things may have turned out different, this issue has been going on for months now with no fix.

All of a sudden, I’m having the same issue with black motion videos. Live View doesn’t connect. My problem is that I’m 100 miles from the home where the Ring Spotlight Cam is. I’ve got the Cam connected via the Chime Pro. Not happy about this as my less expensive Blink surveillance cameras seem to work flawlessly.
Nothing’s changed as far as network, modem, etc.