Live view not available

Too often recently I have not been able to view live cam, it saves a recording but that says no video found, when I try to open the live view it just opens a message saying streaming error, but it saves any events without a problem

On what device are you trying to access Live View (Android, iPhone, etc)?

Try accessing Live View on the site; if it works fine there, you’re at least ruling out the problem being your hardware and the connection to the internet.

If the issue with Live View occurs when trying to access from the phone, try downgrading the app from the most recent version. I needed to downgrade to v3.35.1 on my Pixel 6 Pro in order for Live View to work; on that build of the app from Feb 2021, everything works perfectly.

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It’s Working again now, for a while, but the next time I’ll give it a try thank you for your help

See the posts on live view not available on Ring Doorbell 3 after outage. Bad firmware it appears but at least you guys a better idea than Tech supports “workaround” I will give the App downgrade a try. Even though live view wont work in Windows or on android?

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Testing on different Ring apps is always a great step. Here is our Ring Web app and Rapid Ring app information. :slight_smile:

Did you do anything in particular to get it working?

On my Pixel 6 Pro, I just updated to the latest a) Android software (released this week), and b) Ring app v3.47 (released today).

Same exact behavior. Live View on the spotlight cam - if it ever gets past the spinning ‘Initializing Live View’ - shows only a static image, no actual video. Everything works fine on the web app, as was the case before. Insanely disappointing. @Marley_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring