Live View Not Activating and Connecting Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re experiencing delays and longer then expected wait times for your Live View to load, or your Live View is stuck in “Activating Device,” here are a few tips that may help you pinpoint why this is occurring. All tips are for both Android and Apple smartphones.

  • Device RSSI - Check the RSSI for your device and if it is -40 or worse this means there is likely an interference between your device and router. To get a stronger wifi signal to your device you may want to consider what interferences maybe occurring, see this Community article for more information.

  • Slow Wifi- If you have a lot of devices using your home wifi, it may slow down your smartphones connection to Live View. This is also true when you are connected to public wifi options for your phone.

    • Test It: the best way to check this is by turning off wifi on your smartphone and trying to pull up Live View using cellular data as a test.
  • Data Plan - Everyone has a different plan for their phones. It depends on how the data plan coverage of your cellular provider is in the area you are at as to how fast your phone will connect.

  • Apps on Phone - If you have a lot of apps on and running in the background, this can cause other apps to slow down, including the Ring app.

  • VPN - If you are connected to a VPN for work on your phone, this can slow down most apps.

  • Bluetooth - Having Bluetooth on and connected to a device or even on and searching for devices can slow down apps.

  • 3rd party security apps - (AKA: sweeper, booster, cleaner, or optimizer apps)

    • These type of apps are usually constantly running and crawling your phone which can slow any app including the Ring app.
  • Cluttered Location: Most people experience a cluttered cell data location at their offices or an event. This occurs when there are too many people in one location trying to use data on their phones.

    • Example: When you’re at a concert and everyone is trying to post to social media it may not happen until you leave that location.
  • Dead Zone: These locations are completely dependent on your cellular provider. They occur when you are in a location far from their towers and are unable to receive data to your phone. Any app that uses data in these locations will not work until you move out of the zone or connect to wifi.

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If you have continued questions please post them in the Ring App Community category.