Live view no longer available on security camera

As of yesterday I can no longer go to live view on my wired security camera. I can activate the lights and alarm but not see anything. I have checked the WiFi signal, which is strong. I have reset the camera and reconnected it, same issue. I’ve checked my data settings and they are unchanged. I have changed from home WiFi to Chime, no luck.
My doorbell is still working fine, but I’m running out of options to get my camera to work again. Does anyone have any suggestions?

hi there, @Samwd! Excellent job checking on wifi variables and attempting a reset. As this did not resolve the video concern, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Please also ensure there is not a VPN active on the mobile device. Although you mentioned the Doorbell working just fine, I recommend also testing out the Rapid Ring app, as it is designed for quickest access to live view. Feel free to let us know how this goes. :slight_smile:

Hi. I have tried your suggestion. The Rapid Ring shows our doorbell find but not the spotlight cam. I have not removed it in full and reconnected, still the same response. I have uninstalled the app from any phone that had access, still nothing.
Any other suggestions?

Thanks ?

Hi @Samwd! It looks like you’ve covered all the best steps to get this to work. With the Doorbell working, and having tried all the steps mentioned prior, this concern can be narrowed down to the Camera or connection. As the Camera’s siren and lights are working, it is odd that the live view will not connect. Although wifi signal was adequate, I recommend checking for any major interfering obstacles, appliances, electronics, or other factors that might impact network connection for video. There was recently an incident reported, related to live view, which can be seen at This concern has since been resolved, though.

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