Live view mode very slow indoor.

Good evening, I bought a Ring Doorbell 3 installed next to the door, connected to the power supply with cable. the wifi connection is decent. When I activate the LiveView function from the App, if I am away from home the camera activates in about 5 seconds, if I am inside the house the connection time is very long and often fails. Are there reasons and solutions?

Thanks and regards.

Riccardo Galli, Italy.

Hi @RiccardoGallli. When you’re away from home, are you on mobile data on your phone rather than wifi? It seems like your phone may no have a good internet connection when you’re at home, which is why the Live View does not pull up quickly compared to when you’re away from home. Try testing it out both on and off wifi to see which offers a quicker load time for you. You can also try out the Rapid Ring App, which is designed to allow you to answer notifications and access Live View more quickly. You can learn more about the Rapid Ring App in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: