Live view issues. after update

I am unable to view live on the ring app for 3 cameras only. I can view live app for one camera. My floodlight camera, my doorbell camera and my brothers doorbell camera which I have access to will not live view but I have access to my sister floodlight camera and it has no problem with live view. Please help!!

I like to recommend starting with RSSI signal first. It is not wifi speed, but rather strength. You can check that in Device Health. Ignore the negative number and the lower the numer the better. 65 to 41 is considered sufficient and 40 or less ideal. Anything above 65 is basically very poor. RSSI will affect response time to live view command and also things like triggering motion recording.

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RSSI is 48 for one device, 44 for another and 39 for the other. The strange this is it works fine on my Android phone and my son’s iphone just my ipad pro is having the problem.

Hi @JacqueDKR. When viewing the Live View on your Apple devices, are you on cellular data or wifi? Is there an active VPN? If possible, please share a screenshot of the specific error you are seeing what attempting Live View.

I am using Wifi and it does this with VPN on or off.

Hey @JacqueDKR. Thank you for sharing this image. One last thing I could suggest would be to connect your iPad to a wifi hotspot, disable the VPN and then attempt Live View. This will let you know if there is an error within your network.

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It is working now. The neighbor and history is loading continually now. How do I fix that