Live View has stopped working in Ring app

I have a video doorbell Pro and 2 cameras. At some point in the last few weeks, live view on my oneplus 7 pro via the Ring app has stopped working. It just spins on ‘Activating Device’. I can still view recordings. This is at home on WiFi, and also if on 4G.
However, live View in rapid ring app on this phone works fine.
My wife has a Oneplus 8 pro and they all work fine on this phone in the Ring app. It works on the Web app OK, and even from my Samsung fridge!
Therefore it must be something specific to the Ring app on my phone. I have deleted and re-installed the app, WiFi signal and Internet connection is fine.
Something must have changed as it all worked fine until recently. I can see lots of posts with people having issues with live view, but none where it is only on a specific device.
Anyone had anything similar, and any suggestions for a resolution?

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