Live view for multiple cameras

Yes, please add this.

I honestly regret purchasing the ring security system and cameras. I did a complete smart house install replacing all outlets, camera, alexa’s in every room. I Spent thousands. I have a cheap wired camera system with 8 cameras and I would chose it over the ring every day of the week. You can not use the ring cameras in real time to watch something happening and see where a person or threat is going. The cheapest systems on the market have the ability to watch multiple camera at once. This is a major issue for any security system camera and it’s not worth the money. I still have my cheap $200 cameras installed and never use the ring cameras. That’s the only reason I regret this purchase. If you fixed that, I’d be a happy customer. Until you do, this is a substandard system and cannot provide real security.


We want to add Multiple Wired Camera’s / Floodlights to work in conjunction with our Ring Doorbell.

We want to be able to see a Grid View of all installed Cameras / Floodlights and then zoom in on whichever one we need to see.

Does the current Ring System support Multiple Cameras / Floodlights ?

Thank you for any help and advise.

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I’d definitely like to see the ability to split-cam Live View also. It’s one of those things that should be a given imho.

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I vote for this feature also +1

Need this ASAP

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Hey neighbors. If you would like this feature, make sure you are sharing this feedback on the Feature Request board under the associated request here. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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Just learned that this can’t be done and seriously considering scrapping my plans to use Ring


Hi Tom,

This is the worst part of ring, not having multi-view. This needs to be a priority in a security system. I can’t monitor my house with my Ipad or web browser and just have it running. Seriously shocked this has not been implemented yet.


Still waiting for this! Don’t need to keep recording going while watching multi-view until movement is detected - even just human movement for now would be great, maybe with a “record now” or “Start / stop recording” button in case there’s something that needs to be captured.

Kinda hard to monitor remote property without this, but geez louise at least stop timing out my camera! I turn it on, turn my back and you time out the camera and turn it off again. I mean, what? How is that useful? Again, don’t need to be recording the whole time until the camera detects movement.


+1 on this feature. We need multi-view!

How is this not a feature? I am coming from Nest and they had live view on all cams day one. I could save a short cut to the URL, click it, and boom, all cameras can be seen on a dedicated monitor. Very disappointed with Ring thus far, they are lacking very basic, needed, and upvoted features.

I’d be fine with 24x7 / day long being disabled for battery powered devices.

Anyone from Ring home and care to comment???

Hi @mysteryy. Please take a moment to review our Community Guidelines and ensure you are treating the Community and its members with respect. You can find the feature request for Live View on multiple devices in our Feature Request board here, which I do see you have already commented on as well. While we appreciate your continued feedback, please keep in mind that the Community is a peer-to-peer public forum and not a direct line to support. When we have relevant information in regards to any feature requests or product suggestions, we will share that information in the associated threads. :slight_smile:

Agree with others. Multi-camera viewing is such a basic feature, Nest and Arlo have it, not to mention multiple other monitoring and security systems.

I see requests for the feature going back 3 years.
What can we do to make this happen?

Seems like this thread stalled out, any updates?