Live view for multiple cameras

Apparently we are keep talking but nobody listen… I am looking for apps which can manage the cameras better than the original application, if that makes any sense…, just to be able to have simple things like seeing all the cameras or starting all the alarms at once for the cameras… If I find anything I’ll post it.


Hope for this too!

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Absolutely !!! YES!!! Please!!! Thank You!!!

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If you are using Windows10, you can force more than 10 minutes of live view (my record is 20 hours).

Just use VB script to do it:

set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
WshShell.AppActivate "Ring"
WScript.Sleep 1500
WshShell.SendKeys "{TAB 17}"
WScript.Sleep 1500
WshShell.SendKeys " "
WScript.Sleep 615000

Re: Live view for multiple cameras


Ring, please let us know the roadmap for this much needed feature.

It has been Number 1 on the Feature Request List for many months, that has to tell you something.

Thank You

Please add me to the growing list of users who would like a multi view option for multiple cameras.

This is the only reason i am delaying purchasing another ring security camera…

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i just bought 3 cams for when i leave for the winter. Very surprised (and dissappointed) i can’t view all the cams and doorbells in live view all at once. This is table stakes if you really want to be in the security business. Let’s get it done!

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Agree. Bought 5 Ring cams (including the doorbell), and I expect the ability to monitor all cams at once in a grid view.

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Why is this feature request still pending?? Do you know how many more cameras we as customers would purchase from you if this were possible? I’m astounded that y’all are still sitting on your hands. What’s it going to take for someone to give customers what they’ve been asking for for YEARS now???

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Agree with you. Even the most basic DVR now can do multiple views remotely. I have a 10yr old swann 9 cam system that can remote view all cams at once. Ring needs to be able to consolidate all cams into a ‘multi viewer’ ASAP!

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Another vote for this feature from me! I’ve got a 8 camera non-Ring system at the moment and although I’ve also got 4 Ring cameras I’m having to run the systems in parallel :frowning:

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I bought 7 Various Ring Cameras on Black Friday to go with my Doorbell that I have had for a couple years & to replace my 5 D-Link Cameras around the house. I was very dissapointed to find out that there is a very short window for Live View & no way to monitor all cameras at once. I currently have a computer set up to constantly monitor all 5 D-Link Cameras around the clock & 2 ipads on walls to display cameras that stay on all the time. I fully expected a newer technology like Ring to be able to do this & more! This has been Very Dissapointing… I guess the only useful thing they offer is the Doorbell. I am sending all 7 cameras back ASAP. & I will be looking at purchasing all Nest including Doorbell & Thermostat…

Totally agree live view is a MUST

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Bought 6 Ring Cameras this weekend-got them all setup (very easy) went to check the live multiple view and to my disbelief there is no way to view live multiple cameras…

WOW, who doesn’t have this feature in today’s marketplace !!!

Packing these backup tonight and returning them tomorrow and canceling my recording plan.

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I real need this “no brainer” feature!
I have bought 8 Ring camera’s to install. To replace my old DAHUA set with 8 cams.
And this is not available?

WOW… So disappointing

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In addition to multiple view it would be ideal if live view was local (direct between app and camera) when on the same network. It does not make sense to have to connect to the live view over the internet when you’re on the same network.

I’d also like to request live view for multiple cameras.

Hi neighbors! We appreciate all the feedback and reinforcement on this thread. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add your requests in the correlating thread on ourFeature Request Board. This allows your requests to be easily found and interacted with by other neighbors, in which we routinely share them with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Live view for multiple cameras would be nice. I switched to Ring because I thought this was a standard feature on all systems, why wouldn’t it be. Quite disappointed I’ve invested in multiple cameras when it’s not a true multi camera system. Very clunky way of connecting too. Needs to be updated and streamlined.