Live view failed on iOS phone but works on ring website on a PC

Hi everyone,

I just bought a 2020 Ring doorbell from Amazon and it was working fine for the first month. Then on the same day of my 1-month trail ended, the live-view on my phone stops working. However, if I open Ring website, the live-view works on my computer.

  1. Ring doorbell is next to my wifi router within 3 feet. Strong signal and up to date.
  2. iPhone is connected to the same wifi router. Up to date, no VPN was used.
  3. Computer is connected to the same wifi router. As a control.

results: Live-view not working on iPhone, buffering for over 10 min still not showing. Live-view works on chrome browser on a PC ~1 sec buffering.

Any ideas? I am very frustrated and want to return the doorbell to Amazon.

Thank you everyone.