Live View duration less than a minute

Hi, I bought a Ring Stick Up cam plug-in on Amazon Prime Day (this is my first Ring product).
I use use all of my cameras (Ring or otherwise) to constantly monitor on my PC (Win 10). I am having issues where my Ring camera will only do live view for less than a minute (~45 secs). Is there any settings that will allow me a longer view? I saw in this community that someone mentioned 10 minutes with request for a longer duration. I bought a plug-in so the battery consumption would not be an issue.


Not sure but is the time out the same on your phone app? I know there are lots of limitations with the web-based control. You can also try the search function to see if there are other discussions on this.

Thanks for your reply, I have yet to come across live view timeout parameter in desktop or my phone.

Hi. I think I may have confused you. There is no timeout selection in the desktop or phone app. What I meant, was does the Live View “time out” at the same number of minutes whether you use the desktop or phone?

Ah, no and I just finished testing it:
Phone = 10 minutes
Desktop = <1 minute

Thanks again!

I bought 14!!! Ring cameras for my small hotel (was using Arlos which are terrible)… and was very happy with the Ring cameras until I became aware of the time out issue. This is a major design flaw as the cameras are useless for my purposes because of this issue. Note, I’d be happy to pay for additional sever space if this is why they do this, but as it is I wasted over $3000 on Ring products and having the cameras installed. I find it unbelievable that the company - “a security company” - does not understand the importance of continuous monitoring??? It boggles the mind.

I think that since Ring started as a video activated doorbell company, the model of limited video capture length carried over to the cameras. In other words, they didn’t start as a security camera company. This is not to say they shouldn’t consider offering longer or unlimited live view times, just a theory on why things are as they are. There is a thread in the Feature Request forum you can upvote for this.