Live View doesn't work after motion notification

The live view on my Ring 3 plus in general will work fine. Except at the one time I actually want it to work. Whenever we get the notification for motion and go to live view it times out and won’t connect. After about 10 minutes of trying it will work again. Also during the time the doorbell won’t connect I can view the live view on my stick up cam which is further from my wifi. Makes this kind of useless if at the primary time I need it, it doesn’t work.

Hi @Koehler. What is the RSSI of you Doorbell? The RSSI could directly affect how the Doorbell behaves when trying to activate Live View. This Community post here has some great tips and tricks for Live View. I would also try activating the Live View in our Rapid Ring app, it’s much faster to load! I hope this information helps!

Same issue here. I have 2 stick up cameras. Whenever notifications come in, I can’t activate live view on the camera that detects the motion. But the snapshot is still being taken from the camera, and live view can be activated 3~5 mins later. Ring should fix this! It’s not about RSSI or wifi, as the cameras are located at very different places, and I tried to use both 4g cell and wifi on my phone and nothing worked!

I’ve read many posts about this (Notification delay and no live view is a similar issue), and Ring always blames wifi connection!

Try disabling the Advanced Motion Detection setting. This fixed Live View for me when receiving a motion alert on my Doorbell and Spotlight Camera.

I just re-enabled the Advanced Motion Detection feature and the problem recurred for the first motion alert that I received where I couldn’t access Live View. Maybe there is a bug with this feature since it is relatively new. I am keeping it turned off for now even though the default motion zone isn’t ideal.

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I have the same problem. I’ve enabled the advanced motion before my trial finished. Now, it it is great out on and I cannot turn off.

And everytime, that I get the notification the live view doesn’t work.

EDIT: I was capable to turn off the Advances motion feature and everything is working correctly

I have the same problem but it’s only after a phantom notification. I’ve set up motion zones to try and avoid capturing the traffic going past and notifications of events within the zones work fine and allow Live View. 3 weeks ago I started to get an alert on my phone whenever a car goes down the street. This doesn’t log in the event history on the doorbell and after one of these notifications Live View is disabled for a short time.

EDIT - I’ve also turned off Advanced motion detection and it seems to be working OK now.