Live view automatically plays the recording after timeout...?

I updated the ring app and now all of a sudden when watching a live view and letting it timeout (10min) on my android phone, instead of a screen with a “reconnect” button popping up as before (which would show indefinitely until user input), it now starts playing the live view that was just recorded, sound and all, with NO user input.

Since this was immediately after an app update, I’m assuming this isn’t just on my end…? I like to watch a few live view streams back to back sometimes, so it was easy enough to just tap “reconnect”, but now not only is there is no “reconnect” button anymore, the video starts playing automatically and it’s extra annoying because it plays with sound (I keep the live stream muted) so this is really frustrating because I keep my phone on my side desk and now after every 10 min timeout, if I forget to back out of the live view screen or start another live view, I start hearing the recording that just happened playing automatically.
Why would this have changed? Seems to be a bug, or (bad feature) as it prevents a consecutive live stream from being able to record immediately after one ends (by hitting the now non-existant “reconnect” button) which will put unnecessary several second gaps between them…


I’ve been having this same issue since recently updating the Ring app last week. It’s very annoying and I’m surprised it wasn’t implemented with a toggle behind it to turn it on or off.

Hi neighbors! I’d be happy to have my team take a look at this. Would you mind capturing a video or screen recording of this behavior that happens when the Live View times out? Once I have a video or screen recording of this, I can share it with my team. You can upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. :slight_smile:

Any progress with this issue? I thought this was “normal” behavior until I came across this post. It is very annoying for my Android phone to constantly go into auto-play mode.

Hi Don, sorry for the late reply, but hopefully this helps you…

I saw another post on here about the app “Rapid Ring” which is an official companion app for the main Ring app. It basically lets you respond to an alert or start a live view very quickly, and you use the main Ring app for everything else.

And thankfully, the Rapid Ring live view automatically starts recording another live view instantly after the first one times out (every 10 minutes), without even having to tap a reconnect button or anything! So now I can leave my phone plugged in and basically watch a non-stop live feed recording without having to touch anything (as long as your phone screen doesn’t time out, it will keep working. I’ve let it run for hours at a time with no issues). To keep the screen from timing out, I use the free version of a tiny app called “KinScreen” which can keep the screen on via a toggle switch, or automatically when an app is running. So I just have it set up to keep the screen on when I’m using Rapid Ring and it works like a charm! Be advised that this may drain your battery faster since the phone stays awake, which is why I keep mine plugged in while doing this…

Anyways, I hope this helps :wink:

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Very annoying indeed, but I thankfully found a solution. See my above post to Don.

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