Live view and recordings interoperability completely missing, add event history timeline on

Its extremely difficult to use Ring to toggle between live view and recordings. Nest had it perfect day one - you could use the app or web interface to easily scroll through, advance, go backwards, through video, seamlessly between live views and recordings, save clips, etc. Ring seems to be completely missing such basic functionality, its actually mind boggling.

For example, using, live view is completely separate and you have to click History to see recordings. Why?! This should all be integrated in ONE place. You should be able to open a camera, advance forward, go backwards, click live view, all for that camera, on one page.

With Nest, I kept a window open on my computer, I could see all of my cameras at the same time (live ! which Ring can’t even do), I click easily click on any camera to focus on that camera, and scroll between Live view and events, all within a click. I could see someone walking my property, passing different cameras, easily click one, use microphone to communicate.

The Android app at least has a timeline but I still think the implementation there can also use improvements. Why is there no timeline on ? They should be consistent.

Someone should look at how competitor products work. Nest is much easier to navigate and operate. One should be able to quickly and easily navigate between Live views and recordings. There should be a button to advance or go backwards in maybe 10-30 second increments.

Also, perhaps I have been spoiled by Nest’s ability to do 24x7 recording, but I digress.

Looks like there was a past feature request:

Ring only implemented part - the live view - and ignored the timeline request. Then the thread was closed. Come on Ring! You can do better!

Anyone from Ring home and care to comment???

It would be helpful to be able to view in the Event History Timeline, including Snapshot Capture, in the same format as can be viewed on the Ring App. Being able to capture video or images between events would be an added security measure. Helpful also when motion isn’t immediately detected by the sensors.