Live view AGAIN!

Anyone any ideas , seriously thinking of sending this camera back !! My mates doorbell works absolutely fine with the app , I imagine the spotlight cameras have the issue !!!

@Edgie70 Just looking at the pics you have a Sky Q hub as your router. Those have notoriously poor performance. The Sky forum is full of issues with it. Sky have since replaced it with a new model (although I think you need to pay for it). Also with Sky Q if you have the TV service as well the Q boxes create a mesh network which isnt very smart. Often devices get stuck on an access point which is further away than the optima one. My guess is its your router/network causing the issues.


Thanks for your reply , I’m not so sure the sky router is poor for performance , I can stream hd football on my decking in my back garden about 40 foot away from the router , if performance was poor surely it wouldn’t reach that far and play the hd stream ! I’ll put a post on the sky community and ask there but all I see is poor live view off many people, all them can’t just have that sky router !

Also I don’t have sky q TV I only have the router

Hi @Edgie70. I have a simple test that you can perform to see if your router is the culprit. Try connecting your Spotlight Cam to a wifi hotspot. Once connected, try activating the Live View. If it activates, this will let you know that your network is the issue. Also, try activating Live View from the Rapid Ring app. Let me know how this goes.

I’ve always found the Ring app painfully slow to load Live View. Have you tried the Rapid Ring app? It loads Live View much faster. Rapid Ring strips out almost all of the other features and overhead from the Ring app so it is very quick.

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How do I connect my camera to a WiFi hotspot ???

Yes I’ve tried the rapid app , still the same

Hi , ok I’ve created a hotspot on my phone and connected the camera to it and the live view has connected about 10 times out of 10 so yes I think it’s a home WiFi issue , what do you recommend I try , I’m on sky fibre , ER115 router , thanks

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Well , really doing my head in now , after the camera live view connected about 30 times using a hotspot off my phone , I’ve tried again just now and it won’t connect !!!

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@Edgie70 Try the hotspot again. I suspect that it maybe dropped or disconnected after a period. Can happen if set up on your phone. If it works again then it is you Sky router. With regards to getting a new one from Sky that is going to be tricky without paying them. The ER115 is technically still issued by them despite being years out if date. It was well known to be underpowered when it was released and now its almost unbelievable Sky still issue such a bad bit of kit. They have a newer model which you can only get by joining their boost plan and paying an extra £5 per month. Best bet is to hope you are out of contract, call them and negotiate a new router as part of your deal.

Thanks for your reply , sorry if I sounded arsy before but it’s really annoying me and the router actually works fine so I just couldn’t believe it , I left the hotspot on all night and checked it twice when I woke during the night , but as soon as I went downstairs this morning at 8am it didn’t connect !! Just weird !! But after it connecting approx 30 times im inclined to think it’s a router issue , I’ll ring sky tomorrow and tell them it’s their fault and see what I can get

Hi @Edgie70. Awesome news that the hotspot trick helped. You may need to adjust some settings on your router in order to connect to Live View reliably. This Help Center article here will outline some of the changes that you can make to improve this connection. I hope this helps!

Mine is doing the same, out of the blue , everything wS fine until today

Ring live view takes forever to load… and now it just won’t load at all!!
I’m not even getting notifications… it’s silly,
All connected up and everything.


Just to share with you my personal experience.
I was also facing issues with the live view, when trying to access with my Android Mobile phone on the cellular network.
Everything was OK with WIFI, but cellular was not working, or only from time to time.
I open the network parameters for the cellular network, and I discovered that the IPv6 was activated (internet protocol version 6). I forced it to IPv4, and suddenly everything worked fine.
Hope this can help you.


Hey , thought I’d update you on this issue , it’s fixed , live view now works fine , issue was the router , I got the new model sky router , the upright one and it’s all good , thanks

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@Edgie70 Glad you got it fixed. I had a feeling the new router would do the job. Those old Sky routers are amongst the worst I have ever seen. Its crazy Sky still issue them to some customers.