Live video not working, but does record

About a week ago I purchased and installed a Ring Video Doorbell 2. Everything was working fine until today when I attempted to view a live video feed from my app and after about 30 seconds of “Activating Device”, it says “Streaming Error” and never connects. Prior to today I was able to to do this without issue.

When I go into my history I can see a recording of me at the front door and when I ring the door bell it also rings on the Ring Chime Pro I installed.

Looking at Device Health, I have 87% battery power and RSSI-59 Signal Strength. When I tested my Wi-Fi speed is was 39Mbps for both upload and download. All systems are operational and green when I look at Ring System Status and the device is online per the Device Health Report.

Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated.

Hey @JET! A streaming error can be most commonly related to connection interference of some sort, whether mobile device or wifi. Check out our Comunity post about RSSI for tips on improving signal strength. Its worth also testing a live view on cellular data only, as well as connected to wifi only, on your mobile device. Let us know how this goes :slight_smile: