Live streaming

When is Ring going to stop timing out live stream!
I have echo and dedicated monitors but it’s ridiculous that Ring times out when lots of other providers allow full limitless streaming to their monitors

From a similar post on this I had put the following:

I can see both sides of this one. Ring and other such security systems are cloud based in that your video goes straight to the cloud and you access it via an app of some sort on a device. In reality more motion/alerts based. Hence the drawback is all the time you are viewing it is using part of your internet bandwidth both the up stream and down stream. A lot of folk have fairly poor upstream as it is. Provided you have a strong enough WiFi signal Ring products work great for motion detection and alerts (especially the doorbells).

An NVR based PoE system like HikVision/Amcrest/Lorax etc has local storage and the NVR acts as the video server so you can easily get 24/7 live view by just going to the IP address, connecting it via an HDMI cable to your TV or by using an app to access to NVR while out and about. Plus you get 24/7 recording in up to 4k depending on your cameras. Apart from the app this is all over your internal LAN so not killing internet bandwidth. These systems are not expensive compared to something like Arlo Ultra which can run about $1000 for 4 cameras and lacks the 24/7 recording. The down side of the NVR systems is you need to run cat 6 cable to the cameras from the NVR.

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