Linking Steplight with Ring Doorbell 2

I recently installed the lighting bridge along with a steplight. Everything went well at first, but when I tried to link the steplight to my Ring Doorbell 2 (so that the doorbell would record when the steplight sensed motion), I got an error message that something went wrong and it couldn’t connect. I’ve tried everything I could think of to resolve this: remove & reinstall the steplight, reboot my router, reinstall the Android app, et cetera et cetera. I’m wondering whether the steplight is somehow defective, or if something else is going on?

Have you tried reinstalling the Ring App? If not, remove/uninstall it and make sure to restart your phone before installing it again. If it does not work, try to use a different phone/tablet. If you’re using iPhone, try an android one and vice versa.

Still no luck. Has nobody else run into this problem?

I guess I’ll have to contact tech support.

Hey @Alix , your Video Doorbell 2 and Steplight certainly should be allowed to link using the linked devices feature. Can you confirm that you are using the linked device feature and not the light groups feature?

I was using the link devices feature, not the light groups.

Community Support informed me that it was a known issue. It suddenly resolved itself late this afternoon. Everything’s working as expected now.

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Thank you for your patience @Alix ! Glad you got it sorted out. Keep us posted if you have any other questions or concerns!