Linking Devices

Prior to the addition of MODES, I could have one active camera trigger all the cameras, even if not active. It would be great to have a switch added in the MODE selection area allowing non-active cameras to be activated when linked.

I have Ring Doorbell Cameras inside and around my truck. When parked during the day, only the inside cameras are active. If someone were to break into the cab and activate the inside cameras, I want ALL the cameras to go into record mode.

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Totally agree, we need this.

I have cameras inside my house that I don’t need recording every motion event while I’m home with the alarm disarmed. But, I do want the ability to trigger them to record for certain events, like a door opening (sensor in Ring alarm shows opened) or if some other Ring linked device triggers an event (like doorbell ring/motion sets my interior camera pointed at the front door to start recording).

As it is now, you either have to record everything or nothing - there is no in between. I don’t want hundreds of recordings from my family room showing us just going about our day. I want recordings when a specific event or linked device triggers it.

Yes… please add the ability to link door sensors to cameras and provide the option to make the camera(s) start recording when the sensor is opened.

I agree, please make this a possibility