Linking cameras - conflicts? Limits? Priorities?

I have 15 different cameras, floodlight and stick-up, placed strategically around the property and inside my shop.

I have 4 cameras overlooking the parking and entry area, and am wondering if there can be conflicts with linking them together - like, if I link camera “A” to trigger camera “B”, then if I have camera “C” set to trigger Camera “A”, will camera “C” triggering “A” cause “C” to trigger also, since “C” turned on and started recording?

Also, is there a scenerio where cross-linking could cause challenges? Like 2 different cameras both set to trigger recording on the same camera?

I know, I can (and have been a bit) simply try different setups, but thought I would ask here to see if any of you have already experienced any issues with this so I don’t need to replicate the failure…