Linking Accounts

I recently purchased a Ring spotlight camera. I have a subscription for my front door camera. Can I use that subscription for both cameras or must I purchase a second yearly subscription?

Hey @JonL66. Do you have a Basic or a Plus Plan for your front door camera? Basic Plans are device specific, while a Plus Plan is going to be for a whole location. If you have a Plus Plan, you will not need to purchase another plan, but if you have a Basic Plan, you will need another subscription to cover the video storage on your other device now. :slight_smile:

So do you have to have separate plans for different locations? If I have two houses shared on one account (linked) do I have to purchase 2 plans.

Hey @Jafarmer1. You will indeed need two plans. The Protect Plus Plan is exclusive to the location the plan is for, and a Basic Plan is exclusive to the device. You can stack Basic Plans if it is cheaper, but you may find it’s cheaper depending on the amount of devices you have to get a Plus Plan that covers one location and all devices at said location.