Linked devices.... Lights help needed

I have a Spotlight cam (bat) in the garden that is linked to my Spotlight cam (bat) above the backdoor. When the Garden cam detects motion then the lights come on (if dark enough) and it records (all as you would expect). It also correctly activates the Backdoor cam, but the lights don’t come on ?!? I can see a setting (when configuring linked devices) one for recording and another for lights. But the lights setting isn’t a simple yes/no rather it is ‘from time’ to ‘to time’ (I’d have thoughts the lights should auto come on if dark enough). Anyway I’ve tried setting from 5:00pm to 7:00am (i.e. when it is dark) but I just can’t seem to set an AM time… I do select it and when I press ‘save’ it just saves it as PM. All I want is for my garden cam to start the backdoor cam (and use the light if it’s dark enough). Sounds simple to me :slight_smile:

Hi @Dudley_Wilko. Try adding these lights to a Light Group. Once both of your Cams are in the same Light Group, they should react how you are describing. To find out more about Light Groups, look at this Help Center article here. You can also tap the Lights shortcut on your Ring app dashboard. I hope this helps!

Sorry, I can’t find any Group options. Don’t you need a Ring Bridge to do this ?

Hi @Dudley_Wilko. You do not need a Ring Bridge to use Light Groups. Try accessing Light Groups by tapping on the Lights shortcut tile. I hope this helps.