Linked cameras to alarm not turning on IR during night time

I do have a Ring alarm 2snd generation with a few Stick Up Cam battery linked to it so that recordings are starting if the alarm is in alert.
The settings are ok and is alright during day time, but if the alarm is in alert during the night, the cameras start recording without turning IR on, all the recordings are then totally black and unusable.
This is a permanent behavior, cams never turn IR on when recordings are triggered by the alarm.
I’m on a 1 Gb/s FTTH connection, the alarm and the cam firmwares are up to date.

No bright lights near them, the IR are working finely in motion detection and live view, but doesn’t switch on when the cameras are triggered by the alarm event, this is the only situation when the IR doesn’t turn on.

Hi @User_34. I’ve notified the appropriate team about this and they are currently researching this for you. When more information becomes available, I’ll be sure to share it with you.