Link Doorbell 3 with Show 8

How do i set up Show 8 to automatically turn on Ring 3 camera when movement and caller detected/bell rung?

Great question, @SouthSaxon! Here is a step by step on how to Auto Live View on Motion Events:
-Open Alexa app
-Tap on More (bottom right corner)
-Tap the + (upper right corner)
-Tap on ENTER ROUTINE NAME, name your routine, and tap Next (upper right corner)
-Tap WHEN THIS HAPPENS, select Smart Home, locate your Ring device and tap on it
-Tap on MOTION
-Tap on toggle (button) for DETECTED, tap Next (upper right corner)
-Tap ADD ACTION, scroll down and locate and tap on CUSTOM
-Type in: Show Front Door Camera (substitute “Front Door” for your actual camera’s name)
-Tap Next (upper right corner)
-Tap CHOOSE DEVICE (select the Alexa device w/ a screen that will auto start video when motion is detected)
-Tap Save (upper right corner)

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: