Lights Toggle Confusion on Ring App

I just got my new Floodlight cam and it works fine on the iPhone for viewing live. There is button on the Windows App for “Light”
Does this turn the flood light function ON so that it comes on with motion or does it only turn it on and off for manual control only ?
How do I turn the light on for motion detecting, and know that is working? I am remote from the site.
My goal is to have the floodlight come on with motion detected. And leave it setup that way. Should the “Light” toggle be left on or does that leave the light on all the time?
Thank you.

Hi @samishflats. The default setting for the Floodlight Cam should be for the Lights to come on when motion is detected. To confirm this behavior in the Ring app, select your Floodlight then tap Devices Settings > Light Settings and toggle on “Motion-Activated Lights”. If you’d like to learn more about the lights on your Floodlight cam, check out this Help Center article. I hope this helps!