Lights on and off

Since the new app came out,
it’s a nightmare, and my lights go on and off all the time . I went from loving it to disliking it alot.


Hey @Jshadah177, what lights are you referencing? Knowing what devices you are having a concern with will better assist the neighbors in the Community help you look deeper into this. We never want our neighbors to have a bad experience, so if you could provide us more information, that would be greatly appreciated! For a faster way to a resolution, you can also contact our support team here, especially if you feel this is something that should be reported to our internal team for further review!

I have a similar problem. I have two Floodlight Cams installed. The lights are turning on and of randomly not following the schedule I set in the app.

It’s so crazy with the new app and is out of control . I am going to call ring in the next few days

Just fixed ur new app that never works properly!!

Let me know if you can get fix bc we are not using our ring anymore how we use to use it. I was able to talk to my mail guy now he can’t even hear when I speak . Me and wife tested it the other day and yup I can barely hear her talking back to me. So we LL see what happens I might go to Best buy and switch for another company