Light Scheduling for Z-Wave Works With Ring light switches

I purchased a GE Switch with the intent of scheduling my porch lights for night only. Turns out that isn’t a thing with Ring.

It should be. Why include switches and not a feature to schedule them.

Also, have a dusk to dawn feature that automatically adjusts to local dusk to dawn times across seasons.


Absolutely a MUST have…it is ridiculous to call Ring a security system and not be able to schedule lighting as a deterrent! This seems like it would be very simple since they already have scheduling for the lights on the cameras…People have been BEGGING for this for years…Come on RING, do something useful…

I am disappointed to find that “works with Ring” switches and the like can not be triggered by the Ring motion detectors or grouped with cameras. This would be a powerful addition to allow things such as turning on porch lights or other existing indoor/outdoor lighting. Scheduling and motion detection with camera groups seems like a no-brainer as it would just be a software upgrade. I have heard that Ring does not like to let non-Ring devices control Ring security cameras and such. That makes sense I suppose, so make your own switches then please.

Not sure why this Community keep saying “Correct highlighted errors …”

My exact same issue. If Ring owners add “Works with Ring “ switches categorized as “Lights” they don’t even show up in the Dashboard “Lights” list.
They are really not integrated into the UI or functions of the Ring Alarm system.
Needs to be fixed.
Great topic…thanks!

We should keep creating posts about this and upvoting them. That’s the only way to put it on Ring’s radar and help them understand the importance of it. I bought a Ring Alarm thinking that “works with ring” meant it treats the device like any other, not that it would be burried deep in the recesses of the system while Ring branded devices are at the forefront.

I have the same issue and am not happy…can’t turn on my outside light switch when my RING camera detects motion? That is idiotic and shortsighted of RING.

I couldn’t agree more. Overall, I am very impressed with the Ring system but am disappointed that it doesn’t integrate better with smart switches.
Please look into adding this functionality ASAP.

Thank you,

With only 2 votes they aren’t going to do anything about it “ASAP”. Get the votes into the multi-hundreds and Ring might take notice.

You can do it with the Alexa app. It isn’t as nice as having it in the same app but it works.

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We have devices that are explicitly listed by both the manufacturer and ring as ring compatible. But these light switches/manged power outlets get burried in the UI of the rin app under the base station, which prevents guests and others from being able to use these devices.

The light switches in question can not be placed on a schedule, and that is a horrible feature gap and is a rather odd product decision around functionality.

Eg 1: we have a compatible GE managed power outlet that is “ring compatible” and is used to manage lamps that do not have a bulb socket as they are integrated led lamps. These lights can not be managed by a shared user (my spouse CANT be owner because of the 2FA best practice your documentation and support pushes) and is unable to turn these lights on prior to entering the house alone.

Eg 2; we also have a ring compatible GE light switch for controlling the florescent lights in my detached garage. We can not schedule the light switch and again, issues for use on shared users and guests.

Please address ASAP, as this gap in functionality is actually a safety issue when a shared user or guest is entering our garage alone at night.

I successfully added 2 Leviton Z-Wave light switches into the Ring App, and it’s great that I can turn the lights on/off from the App, however…

If there was an Activity Category in the App, where I can schedule these lights to be turned on/off on a 7/24 schedule, that would be perfect. It’s not clear if adding a bridge will allow me to do this with z-wave switches, as I suspect this is only to control wireless smart lights.

Alternately, if there were Schedule applets under each Device in the app, then we could set something up that way.

So, since you support certain z-wave devices with your product, why not enable the ability to work with them using automation?

If this can be done already, please let me know how. I’ve poked around the app and don’t see where this is possible.

Doing a simple search for “ring z-wave setup” in your favorite search engine would likely have turned up this page (

I don’t mind being corrected, however what do these manuals have to do with being able to schedule successfully added z-wave devices - like lights, in my case - in the app?

Did you read what I was asking?

If you are unwilling to take minimal effort in finding the answer to your query there isn’t much I can do for you.

Good luck in your search.

Really? Please refer me in those manuals - which I looked at - where it explains how to setup a z-wave light switch to turn on/off at scheduled times.

There is no way in the Ring app to schedule these devices. Perhaps you are the one that needs to read people’s posts before firing off irrelevant answers.

I do not have an Alexa or Echo Dot device. Stop assuming people don’t search before posting.

Where in the manual does it discus how to set a schedule for third-party z-wave devices?

Like many others, it would help my situation if I could schedule lights that are controlled by zwave switches.

Integration into the mode schedule seems the path of least resistance (programmatically).

I just installed two switches and was shocked this isn’t a option in the lights tab!

You should be able to schedule via alexa routines - you don’t need a physical device to set up, just need to link your ring account to it, and they should appear.

How is it that ring sells the Leviton smart plug on its website but you cannot program a schedule for the lights? I want the lights to come on when I disarm and turn off when I arm.