Light Schedule Does Not Work As It Should ALL THE TIME!

I have Ring camera and floodlights on the front and rear of my home. I have the light schedule set up, I come home when the lights should be on according to the schedule and they aren’t. I currently have them set to come on at 5:00pm and to go off at 8:OO am, I came home last night around 8:30pm and the lights aren’t on yet again leaving my front and rear of the house in the dark.

Any suggestions? I have it set up correctly and have deleted and re-added the light schedule, it still behaves the same, 8 out of 10 nights the lights don’t come on when they are supposed to.

And why doesn’t Ring just have a simple on at dusk, off at dawn feature? If I knew they didn’t have that feature, I wouldn’t have purchased them.

I just installed the ring flood light cam last week and I am having the same problem and a quick fix that I discovered is to setup your light schedule 8 hours ahead of your current time depending of your location. I am in California and if I want the lights to turn on/off at 6:00AM/6:00PM I need to setup setup the time at 2:00AM for on and 2:00PM for off. It appears that the ring lightflood like come setup as UTC (Universal Time Zone). here are some websites that would help you convert the time.

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