Light activation only when you get a motion alert

Is there any eay to include a floodlight setting that only turns on the light when there is a motiin alert. I am sick of my floodlight turning on and off all night because the wildlife sets it off. It would be nice if there was a setting that activates the light only when it detects people. is there any way you can make this an update in the future?

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The best way to avoid unnecessary light triggering motion detection, will be through adjusting the sensitivity in the Ring app. Setting it to minimum may help to avoid smaller heat sources like animals. Alternatively, you could schedule the lights to simply remain on for illumination, and disable the motion activated lights so that they simply do not turn off/ on, but rather stay on (or off). Check out our Help Center article for more tips on controlling these lights. :slight_smile:

Marley’s advice defeats the whole purpose of the system. Also, the link works just like my lights, there’s nothing there when I look. If I wanted lights that stay on or off all the time, why have a motion sensor?

I’m in the same boat. Our system worked fine until recently when the lights come on completely randomly. We think cars on the road might trigger it, but we know that not every car does and the lights have come on with no apparent trigger. The motion zones and sensitivity stop 20+ feet shy of the road so there is no way it should be an issue. Lights come on with no camera activation and no apparent trigger many times and it happens on both of our floodlight cams. It started at roughly the same time on both cams after months without an issue. My neighbors are complaining about the lights coming on all night now.

We turned down sensitivity but it didn’t see me walk past and it missed when I drove a pickup under it, too. We turned the sensitivity back up and it’s still blind.

What happened? This was a great system…