Level Lock Touch disappointed - need lock that works with 1st Gen Alarm & Doorbell 2?

Reading other forum posts, I am quite shocked at how poorly Level Lock Touch failed to interface with existing Ring alarm & doorbell products!

Paid over $300 for a Level Lock Touch and no where did the Ring rep nor packaging said anything about incompatible Ring Doorbells.

What has the Ring Doorbell have anything to do with the lock ?
What if I had a Ring alarm and no doorbell - would the lock not work ?

Installed the lock and all was went well until it came to “pair” the Level Lock Touch to Ring system. App said I needed a Ring Doorbell Pro which I did not have (have old Ring 2).

Now I am going to return this expensive piece of “work” and find a lock that is compatible.

The app said I needed to purchase a Ring Pro doorbell and led me to the store app - why would I need to change something that works already to another doorbell just to make it compatible with the Level Lock Touch ???

What other makes / models smart locks are available that will work with my “ancient” Ring Doorbell 2 and 1st Gen Alarm ?

Hi @4sallypat. The Level Lock has an integration with specific Ring Pro models. You can find exactly which models in this Help Center article here. There is also a bundle that comes with a Ring Pro and Level Lock.

This list here contains all of the Smart Locks that work with the Ring Alarm. I hope this information is helpful.